Brecke Pride. A long history of doing the job right.


Galbraith Truck1945

Byron Brecke begins working for Galbreth Plumbing and Heating shortly after World War II.



Byron Brecke at work1950s

Byron Brecke and Galbreth Plumbing and Heating travel throughout Iowa and install plumbing and heating systems in many of new schools being built to accommodate the baby boom.


Old Headquarters


After working his way up the ladder, Byron Brecke purchases Galbreth Plumbing and Heating and renames it B.G. Brecke, Inc.


Byron Brecke1979

Byron Brecke retires. His son, Rick Brecke, becomes President.



Rick Brecke2006

Rick Brecke retires after leading the company from 1979 through 2006, during which the company doubles in size.


Rod, Bob and Rick Brecke2007

Rod Brecke becomes President. Photo of Rod, Bob and Rick Brecke.



Rod Brecke2009

Rod Brecke retires after leading Brecke Mechanical Contractors from 2007 through 2009, during which the company rebuilds many businesses and facilities after the floods of 2008—the largest natural disaster in Cedar Rapids history.


Bob Brecke2010

Bob Brecke becomes President.



Brecke Logo


The company name is shortened to Brecke, Inc. We celebrate 50 years of doing the job right.



Currently, the second generation, Bob Brecke, is proudly carrying on his father’s legacy with help from the third generation, Brad and Bret, who are advancing through the leadership ranks.

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