Copper T-Drill


We add copper tube and pipe branches that are stronger than the original!


Copper T-Drill


Copper tube and pipe branching is fast, simple, and strong when Brecke is on the job.

Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are even more efficient with the new Copper T-DRILL in hand. Branching with the T-drill method is approved by over 24 codes and compliances—and is accepted by the most demanding companies, including NASA.®


Efficient and reliable!

  • We can pull 1/2” to 4” outlets on tubing 1/2” to 8” on K, L, or M copper … even in hard to reach places.
  • It’s fast (average of 7 minutes to pull one socket) and all tees are brazed in place.
  • Tested and documented structural integrity (tensile strength is greater than the copper pipe itself) with excellent flow characteristics.
  • Great for water meter, boiler manifolds, refrigeration racks.
  • Reduces labor by 60%
  • Eliminates 2/3 of joints!

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