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At Brecke, safety comes first on every project.

At Brecke Mechanical we strive for the highest standard in everything that we do, and safety is no exception. 

We work diligently with OSHA, Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), Mechanical Contractors Association of Iowa (MCAI), Heartland Insurance Captive Group and our customers to continually find ways to keep employees working efficiently and safely.

Our commitment to safety has not gone unnoticed. We have been asked to speak at conferences and participate as experts at safety fairs. 

Our focus on safety is also reflected in our high grades in prequalification systems such as ISN and Avetta, as well as in our low EMR (Experience modification rates), certificates and numerous awards.

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Contractor ID: 400-175325

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Extensive Safety Training

We’re committed to continually providing safety training to our employees. 

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Christian Schwartzhoff

Team Leader

  319-396-7055 x 1148 (Desk)

  319-550-4558 (Cell)

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Terry Lange

Safety Supervisor

  319-396-7055 x 1107 (Desk)

  319-310-2609 (Cell)

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