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We’re Certified Welding Inspectors.

You can be assured you’re getting the highest level of skill and quality workmanship when you work with us.

We ensure that all welding related activities are conducted in accordance with all local municipal, state and federal safety regulation, in addition to complying with all company defined safety rules and regulations.

Our visual welding inspection team is certified through the American Welding Society, ensuring the specified materials, workmanship & welding meet the applicable code requirements & project documents.

Certified Weld Inspectors are an incredibly useful and valuable asset for metal fabricators. Their presence is quite beneficial for any company hiring the fabricators that bring them on board. As you may know, welding is one of the most complex services within the metal fabrication industry. 

The outcome of every welding project is highly dependent upon individual welder skill. Our certified weld inspectors (CWIs) undergo specialized training and certification, helping them to offer a master’s depth of welding expertise. There’s no doubt that CWIs help to uphold greater levels of consistency and quality to our welding team.

Benefits of Certified Welding Inspections

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Unparalleled Knowledge

Our certified welding inspectors have years of experience and understand the nuances of compliance with welding codes. Following the welding process, our CWIs conduct a series of tests to check the quality of a weld, including visual inspection, heat treatment and a hydrostatic test. The presence of a CWI can dramatically reduce the rate of error for welds.

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Welding Procedures

Our welding inspectors review welding procedure specifications, building and welding plans, equipment calibration and welding materials. Our CWI is not only responsible for writing the procedures for the weld, but also the quality-check testing procedures. Beyond that, welding inspectors work to ensure that equipment is properly prepped for the job and that our certified welders are able to complete their welds with competence.

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Quality Assurance

Our certified welding inspector has many years of experience, which we leverage to ensure stellar outcomes for all fabrication projects that involve welding. Our welding inspectors have witnessed different drawbacks and successes and the lessons they have learn us stay away from costly reworks.

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