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Process Pipe Services

Brecke is an expert in installing steam piping, gas line piping, and oil piping in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque and the surrounding Iowa areas. We offer process piping installation services throughout Eastern Iowa. 

We provide process pipe services from large installations under initial development to smaller upgrades and expansions. If your pipes need an upgrade, we will help you construct an energy efficient piping system.

Steam Piping

The steam piping and condensate experts at Brecke have one goal: helping your plant achieve world-class operation. We can review your entire steam and condensate system from generation to distribution, from end-user processes to condensate recovery.

Gas Line Piping

Our certified, licensed, and insured team is exactly who you need overseeing your gas line piping. We are also your first choice for repairing and testing the industrial and commercial gas lines! No matter what type of gas line piping, we can repair it.

Oil Piping

Brecke installs and maintains oil piping systems designed to provide a reliable supply of fuel to generators and boilers from remote fuel tanks. Typical systems are 3/4″ and 1″, but can go up to 6″ piping running from a remote AST or UST to a boiler tank.

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