Basement Digging

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Basement Excavation & Foundation Backfilling

If you’re wondering who digs for basements and backfilling in the Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, and Iowa City surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place!

Our trained and experienced excavation team will clear the lot of trees and stumps, grade the construction site to meet the needs of the project, dig for the foundation, backfill and final grade.

When it comes to basement digging and backfilling, Brecke is proud to be able to say that we have years of experience, quality equipment, and in-depth expertise to get the job done. We will take on your residential, commercial, or industrial excavation project and are capable of handling large or small projects.

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Whether you’re building a new house or commercial building, we are hear to help you with your basement digging excavation services in the Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, and Iowa City surrounding areas. 

With grading and excavating a new basement foundation, Brecke understands that time is money. The sooner your project is accepted by your city or county, the sooner you can sell or build on the lot. This is why we take care to ensure everything goes smoothly and is completed on time!

The Basement Digging Process

basement digging excavation brecke

1. Clearing Away Trees and Stumps

We'll make sure the lot is cleared of unwanted trees, shrubs, and stumps to ensure that the area prepared for the foundation.

basement digging excavation brecke

2. Grading the Construction Site

Grading prior to digging the foundation makes the final grading process smooth and easy and prepares the site for the foundation.

basement digging excavation brecke

3. Dig for the Foundation

This is where the fun begins. We'll dig for the foundation according to your plans and specs.

basement digging excavation brecke

4. Backfill and Final Grading

Once the foundation is complete, we'll backfill the soil and grade the dirt away from the foundation properly.

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