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Sewer and Water Line Excavation & Repair

Brecke has years of experience providing sewer and water line excavation services in the Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Dubuque Iowa metro area.

Sewer and water line excavation is a complex process that requires precision. 

Our extensive experience in excavation for sewer and water repairs allows us to respond to these situations readily, whether it is an emergency or not.

We also offer FREE ESTIMATES!

Underground sewer and water main problems can be disruptive and sometimes they need to be fixed immediately. If a malfunctioning line is causing flooding, lack of water, or major sewage backups, these problems need to be resolved quickly to prevent more damage.

If you need underground work done on your water line or sewer main, you need a specialist. Because excavation jobs often require working around buildings, existing utilities and landscaping, it’s important to hire someone who is experienced and knowledgeable in underground work. 

Ask us about our trenchless pipe bursting services that allow us to replace and repair underground piping and damaged orangeburg sewer lines with minimal damage to the landscape. We also You can rest assured when you hire Brecke our hard-working team has the training, sound judgment and proper equipment to maintain a safe working environment while installing or servicing your sewer or septic system. No matter how big the job, our team will carefully and efficiently get it done.

At Brecke, we do a lot of big civil, commercial and industrial projects, but our excavation division does a lot of residential work, too. So don’t be afraid to call if you need work done at home!

The same highly trained and experienced workers who do the big jobs can help you out, too. Plus, they’re used to preserving and protecting expensive buildings and equipment, so they’ll be sure to take care of your property, too!

Our Eastern Iowa Sewer & Water Main Services Include

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Types of Sewer and Water Line Excavation Needs

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Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes

water sewer brecke

Blockages caused by a restricted water flow

water sewer brecke

Pipe corrosion that compromises the pipe’s integrity

water sewer brecke

Sunken pipes due to ground or soil conditions

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Leaking joints and broken seals allowing sewage to flow into surrounding soil

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Roots in the sewer line causing voids in the pipe

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